We’ve done it All in listeners! We’ve made it to episode 75 and I couldn’t be more excited for the timing of today’s show.

On today’s show we talk with Trent Corbin, founder of the Redbud Group out of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Trent and his team are the top producing real estate team in the Carolinas and his approach to the business has been one that will inspire, motivate, and challenge you to think differently.

And let me tell you that with the recent Zillow news making headlines our conversation with Trent couldn’t come at a better time.

On today’s show Trent shares:

  • His journey from investment banking to real estate
  • His philosophy of profit and growth
  • His take on Zillow exiting the iBuyer space and how that affects a premier agent team built largely on Zillow
  • How he went from $0, to $100 million in a year, to scaling to $100 million in a month
  • Running a real estate team with more than 25 W-2 employees
  • Capacity and Opportunity

And so much more. 

This is truly one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever put out and you do not want to miss a single thing that Trent shares.

You can learn more about Trent at https://redbudgroup.com/ or on Instagram @redbudgroup 

Today’s Resources

  • AirDna.com - Analyze and Manage your Airbnb Investment portfolio
  • Rabbu - Short term rental management
  • Trent’s favorite book: Traction

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