Joe and I have been fortunate to interview women and men with 9 figure net worth. Women and men who have sold 10’s of thousands of homes. Women and men who have notoriety inside of our industry. 

And yet it’s sometimes the people you meet that no one else knows that sets the foundation for your next iteration of growth. 

That’s today’s guest. 

Meet Melanie Mauro-Crane, a year into the industry, newly married, and walking out her newest endeavor in real estate. 

In her rookie year she closed over 25 homes, broke her goal of making over six figures (a feat, a dream!, for a former social worker). 

In this show you’ll encounter how Melanie did it and how she keeps digging deeper. 

And it all boils down to discipline. 

Doing what others won’t. 

You’ll hear her say, “it’s simple not easy” no less than ten times. 

And it’s true. Like that phrase, success in real estate is about boring repetition and committing to do what others won’t. 

Listen in on this conversation with one of the most disciplined rookies we’ve ever talked to. 


Learn more about Melanie by emailing her at

Enjoy the show. 


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